As a courtesy to my prospective clients, a few of the students that I have assisted have volunteered to answer your questions. If you would like to contact someone, please send an email to: info@lawschoolconnections.com specifying the person with whom you would like to communicate and an email address will be forwarded.

"I have been extremely pleased with the level of service Ms. Mancusi has provided me. Despite the fact that I consider myself fairly knowledgeable regarding law school admissions, Ms. Mancusi has been able to supply me with a considerable bit of insider knowledge that simply can't be found in law school reference books or on the Princeton Review Law Discussion site (of which I am a frequent visitor). While I haven't heard back regarding the results of our efforts quite yet, I am confident that Ms. Mancusi helped me put together the best package possible." -- J.P.

[Update: J.P. reports that he was admitted to his first-choice school (top 20) despite a previous rejection.]

"Thank you for all the help you have provided me. I believe that were it not for your help in preparing my personal statement and application package, I would not have been offered the significant scholarship to "School X" or the full scholarship to "School Y". I would be glad to serve as a reference to potential clients." -- S.S.

"The Strengths and Weaknesses Review with Donna was just the thing I needed before sending out my applications. I didn't have the time or resources for a longer consultation, but desperately needed general guidance regarding my personal statement and resume, as well as the overall personality of my application. Donna was able to provide for me invaluable advice and encouragement, and answered every question I had in a succinct and assured manner. She's not only experienced in the field, she genuinely cares about those she helps. After taking her advice, I definitely felt more confident about my application package and was less stressed because I knew exactly where I stood. It's only been two weeks since I've sent out my applications and the acceptances have started to come in. I'd like to thank Donna for being a sane voice amidst the maddening process of my law school applications." -- L.C.

"Donna provides thoughtful advice from a perspective not usually available. I had her review my application (which is fairly long, with lots of addenda) and am pleased with the result. She replied with a point-by-point discussion of strengths and weaknesses. Her experience as a recruiter at an ivy league school, coupled with her personal experience with the application process gives her a good deal of insight and credibility. This is not an easy to find resource. I am not aware of any law school that allows you to bring in your application for a preliminary review and commentary. Anyone who really wants to improve his/her application, please feel free to contact me via email to ask about the service. You get what you pay for. I think it is worth it for candidates who want to maximize their chances of admission." -- C.R.
"I recommend Law School Connections to anybody applying to law school. Before I began working with Donna, I was confused and stressed out over how to handle my applications. Not only did Donna ease my nerves by answering all of my questions, she also provided excellent advice for my personal statement and resume. For a very reasonable price, I received top-notch advising that undoubtedly improved my application. " -- B.N.

"Donna provides real and helpful advice. Immediately, I could tell that she knew her stuff and also was aware of what would work and what would not work in the admissions game today. Furthermore, Donna provides very fair prices for her services and possesses a lot of integrity. I am very satisfied to have retained her services." -- T.C.

"I found Donna's input on my resume & personal statement to be invaluable. I had reached an impasse on the closing paragraph of my personal statement & my resume was in need of a major overhaul. My interactions with Donna were extremely helpful. I got accepted at almost every 'Tier One' School to which I applied & I got loads of scholarships, too." -- C.

"Law School Connections is an invaluable service to anyone wishing to get into law school. The help that I received was very VALUABLE. Working with Law School Connections saved a lot of headaches and stress!!!" -- E.P.
"I heard about Donna at the PR board. Although I never take any of the advice too seriously at that site, I decided to check out Donna's site. I had a few important issues and really needed some serious guidance. Thus, I e-mailed Donna with my questions and received prompt and insightful information. She didn't even charge me. Donna was more interested in helping me than charging a fee for a small piece of advice. This indicates a real committment to people. My only regret is that I did not contact Donna before the application process." -- S.C.
"I met Donna during my senior year. She represented the University of Pennsylvania at the University of Arizona's annual law school fair. The fair was scheduled the day before my LSAT and needless to say I was anxious as hell. Donna stood out among the other law school reps. in enthusiasm and candor. She made a very good impression on me, so much so that I wrote about our meeting in the extra essay Penn required. When I talked to her during the law school fair she made sure to get my name and then called me after I was admitted to Penn to talk about the school and to answer any questions that I had. Ultimately I chose Harvard, but even so, we have kept in touch and I have appreciated her advice about first year work load and job searches (especially her experiences with Big Law). I can't give a testimonial about the effectiveness of her services in getting people into law school since that wasn't the basis of our relationship. All I can say is that she is a good person. She is unique in that she gave me honest and candid information about my chances at Penn (prior to taking the LSAT) that no other admissions rep. was giving. Not to mention she has continued to give me great advice this past year and a half even though I turned down her efforts to recruit me." -- Aaron P. Harvard Law '03

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